Why my New Year’s resolution was to eat MORE “good” food!

Being in the fitness industry for 10 years now and having my own PT business for the last four, somehow leads folks to think I have it all together when it comes to my personal fitness and eating habits.   Sorry to disappoint, but that is just not true.  I am evolving with the best of them to reach new heights nutritionally and in my fitness journey.  Most recently, actually since January 1st, the hubs and I have started a new “diet”(ugghhh totally detest that four letter word the way that some use it)  It’s called “The Virgin Diet” and book and concept written by J.J. Virgin.  It eliminates the 7 things that most of us have a food intolerance to or are genetically modified for the most part.  The list of seven are: Gluten, Corn, Eggs, Soy, Dairy, Sugar/Artificial Sweeteners, and Peanuts.  After 21 days of detoxifying, you reintroduce four back by doing one per week to see how your body responds. 

We are on day 14 and I have to say that I am starting to truly enjoy eating this way! The first week was rough, I think from the sugar detox that was even more severe after all my “holiday cheer.”  But I am starting to feel more energetic and leaning out some.  Another really awesome benefit is that I am really not craving any of the “bad” stuff.   I will have to warn you that this does require discipline and work.  You must cook almost every meal and have a plan.  But any real change in life will not happen without a plan and discipline.  So excited about seeing the results and I will definitely keep you all updated on the progress!

~ by Dee Whittington on January 14, 2013.

One Response to “Why my New Year’s resolution was to eat MORE “good” food!”

  1. Thanks for your honesty Dee! Continued good luck with the plan to get healthier in 2013!!!

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