“If you are looking to get in shape, whether it is so you look great, feel great, need to be healthier, or all three, Dee is awesome to work with. She’s not for the casual fitness wannabe… she is for anyone who wants results. She’ll push you, while encouraging you, and you’ll find yourself doing things you either never thought you could do, or haven’t done in a long time. The DeeTrain brings results! It’s not like a gym workout… you never know what you’ll be doing, as Dee is great at mixing up routines and creating “muscle confusion” so you receive optimum results from your workouts. She’ll take the workout outside sometimes too and have you run or do other exercises outside which is a fun change too. Now, the DeeTrain specializes in providing in home personal training which is fabulously convenient! All you’ve got to do is roll out of bed, and open your door… just prepare yourself to get your butt kicked (in a good way)!! After working with Dee for just a couple months, my stamina already picked up and it made me feel good because I could do a lot more of the exercises for longer than I could initially. I also had a lot more energy, and felt better in general. I personally don’t like to workout, but I think only a few people do, so I have always found I talk myself out of going to the gym or doing things on my own. With this in mind, Dee is an amazing alternative to the gym or anything else you think of because she holds you accountable and is not just there waiting for you anymore, but shows up ringing your doorbell; she pushes you more than you’d push yourself, so you get better results, faster – which in turn helps drive you as you see your hard work paying off; and she encourages you and motivates you. If you’re looking to make a change to your body/lifestyle, I highly recommend Dee Whittington and The DeeTrain! She’ll certainly help you “loose your caboose”!” Jessica Pirone – Just Perfect! Home Staging & More – May 12, 2010


“It is hard to only check three attributes for Dee. She qualifies for seven. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Dee. She would work you – push you and work you some more which is what most people need. If I had to to do it on my own, I would never push myself to the point it would be needed, I would not know the proper technique, which movements target which part of the body or how to get any results at all. Dee is top notch at all of these. She always had a smile on her face and I am talking 6:30 in the morning. If you want results and you want serious results, Dee will get them for you with her program.” Ann Willard – All Kinds of Stuff, LLC -May 20, 2010


“There is only one word to describe Dee == AWESOME…. I really did not want to exercise, but I knew that I needed to. Dee motivated and encouraged us to keep going. While with Dee, we felt the best we had in a long time and we also lost weight, inches and had more energy. Dee made it fun and would not let us slack off. We highly recommend Dee to anyone in need of a personal trainer…. We found it is much better to have a personal trainer than to try to do it alone….. Pat & Joe Pane – Medical Insurance Assistance, Inc. – May 29, 2010

2 Responses to “Testimonials”

  1. Looking forward to our meeting on Monday morning, the process of loosing my Caboose, and exchanging client referrals !!!

    See you soon…

    Jess Cooper

  2. I have been working with the Dee Train now for over a month and I can say in all honesty I have never felt better. The personal training with her attention placed solely on me provides the confidence and motivation I need to push through the challenge of strengthening and toning my body. She is creative, professional, and delightful to work with. We never do the same thing twice which keeps the workouts interesting and gives me some things to practice between sessions. I have also been to her Loose your Booty camp, group workout class downtown at the River Room which was fun, challenging and equally rewarding. I would recommend Dee to anyone who wants to improve their physical abilities and appearance!

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