Life as a preggo trainer

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It has been a while since I have written ands it’s long overdue(which will hopefully not be the case for my baby which should be here in June:)).  I use to get a tremendous amount of questions about how to get and stay fit, but now(being 27 weeks pregnant with my first child) its about how to do that while pregnant.  Pregnancy is one of those things in life that you hear so much about but you don’t completely understand until you go through it.  So I plan to start writing more about all I have learned and more importantly experienced throughout this special time. 

Since I found out back in September that we were expecting, things have been…let’s just say different.  Starting at about week 6, the naussea was here in full force.  Lucky for me it wasn’t to the point where I would puke on a daily basis. I feel so sorry for some of you ladies that have a to vomit as soon as your eyes open in the morning. But the one thing that truly helped me feel better was to workout. Throughout this process, I have been able to keep up my workouts for the most part. Prepregnancy I would workout 5 times a week 45 minutes per day and run 15-20 miles per week. Now I am doing 3 to 4 times per week 30-45 minutes and about 7-10 miles a week. I have gained 25lbs so far and feeling great going into my 3rd trimester. I can’t believe she will be here in a few short months! I will keep you all posted on my progress, as well as, pics and workouts to follow.



My new “perfect fit”

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In all my sock wearing days from Thorlo to the Walmart brand, I have finally found the “perfect fit!”  I was recently introduced to Feetures!, a brand of socks specifically designed for performance.  Back in November, I started to notice the bottoms of my feet were starting to hurt at the end of my days of training and doing my own personal workouts. (This included about 15-20 miles per week of running)  Not to mention the sweating and sometimes unpleasant aromas that surrounded my feet when I took my shoes off.   I made sure to get new shoes and insoles knowing my current shoes were on their last leg.  It helped some, but I still noticed the tenderness after some days.  About this time, I luckily learned about Feetures!   After trying them out for about a month now, my feet feel great and I would highly recommend these to runners, athletes and anyone with an active lifestyle.  I am loving  the way the socks fit so perfectly so no sliding or bunching up in your shoe.   Also, my husband is thankful for my foot odor or lack thereof.:) I am so happy to have found such a great product and on top of that, it has a lifetime guarantee! Yay for my feet and yay for Feetures!:)  Check ’em out here – Visit Feetures! Website

Love the funky colors!!

Why my New Year’s resolution was to eat MORE “good” food!

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Being in the fitness industry for 10 years now and having my own PT business for the last four, somehow leads folks to think I have it all together when it comes to my personal fitness and eating habits.   Sorry to disappoint, but that is just not true.  I am evolving with the best of them to reach new heights nutritionally and in my fitness journey.  Most recently, actually since January 1st, the hubs and I have started a new “diet”(ugghhh totally detest that four letter word the way that some use it)  It’s called “The Virgin Diet” and book and concept written by J.J. Virgin.  It eliminates the 7 things that most of us have a food intolerance to or are genetically modified for the most part.  The list of seven are: Gluten, Corn, Eggs, Soy, Dairy, Sugar/Artificial Sweeteners, and Peanuts.  After 21 days of detoxifying, you reintroduce four back by doing one per week to see how your body responds. 

We are on day 14 and I have to say that I am starting to truly enjoy eating this way! The first week was rough, I think from the sugar detox that was even more severe after all my “holiday cheer.”  But I am starting to feel more energetic and leaning out some.  Another really awesome benefit is that I am really not craving any of the “bad” stuff.   I will have to warn you that this does require discipline and work.  You must cook almost every meal and have a plan.  But any real change in life will not happen without a plan and discipline.  So excited about seeing the results and I will definitely keep you all updated on the progress!

How to do a burpee with a pushup from my recent video shoot for mud run

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Check out one of the exercises I did for a mud run workout.  More to follow, as well as, a full workout video coming soon!!

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Here’s “The Skinny” with The DeeTrain Personal Training Services

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The last 90 days have been crazy to say the least.  I am excited to say my business has moved to the next level!! After searching for nearly 14 months, God blessed me with the perfect studio space.  Finding a commercial space with little renovation costs and a shower was a challenge even with so much market  availability.  But I couldn’t have even dreamed up a more perfect space with a beautiful tile shower and no upfit required.  Learning to trust His timing was a lesson that was relearned during this time of failed attempts to secure a space.  I just had to smile when I felt God saying “I told you so”when I realized that 10 mats that  would cost me about $50 each were provided, as well as, several other pieces of equipment.  On top of all that, the first 2 weeks after I opened I had acquired 6 new clients! God has got it, if we just let Him have it!!(so hard to do for some reason)

Another great addition was the exclusive contract to train and teach classes at South Front Apartment Community.  All of this happening in the same few weeks. Currently I am working on a DVD series, as well as, some other projects.  Can’t wait to see what the future holds for The DeeTrain:)! God Bless!!

Marathon mom

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To say it has been my pleasure to train Shelly Davis is a huge understatement. I can truly say she is an inspiration! She is one of the few people that is able to balance marriage, kids, her own business, and leading a healthier lifestyle with such grace. On top of all that Shelly runs, runs, and then runs some more! From 5ks to half marathons to her first full marathon at Disney in early January.  Through the course of training I have seen her grow stronger, lose weight and inches, and clean up her diet.   I appreciate having clients who work hard and have the right attitude, which in turn equals success.   As I mentioned earlier, she has been inspirational in me running my first races since cross country in college.  Her commitment to being active and  healthy has impacted so many people! Two of the most important are her two beautiful daughters that get the privilege of seeing their mother lead by example.   Each week, I look foward to our training sessions and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for such an inspirational marathon mom!

Why are you failing at your current workout routine??

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Let me just start out be saying that motivation must come internally, not by just altering the way you eat and exercise.  Those who are internally motivated exercise because of interest, enjoyment, and challenge.  Being externally motivated would  be just improving physical appearance.  Studies have shown that those of us who have internal versus external have a much higher success rate and have individual emotional satisfaction.  So my question would be what motivates you and how do you shift to internal?

Three tips I can offer to make that shift:

1. Ask the right person the right questions! Okay so we have all heard how can you sell me a Ford if you drive a Chevy.  This is so applicable to fitness coaches, personal trainers, nutritionists, etc. in that how can you sell me on getting fit/healthy when you’re(to put it bluntly) fat?!  Would you ask Oprah or the guy working the check out line at Harris Teeter how to create wealth? The same principle applies here, if you see someone living the healthy lifestyle with the body you desire….ask that person how they did it.

2. Make the right choice over the wrong choice! Life is about choices and consequences of those choices.  We must prioritize, weigh the consequences, and choose the right over wrong.  Choices should not be made based on what’s convenient, easy, or comfortable but by what’s right.  It is called self-discipline and it’s at the core of a healthy lifestyle.  One of my favorite business philosophers, Jim Rohn, use to say” discipline weighs ounces, but regret weighs tons.”  The short-term pain or discipline will set you up for a lifetime of success, but on the flip side  short-term pleasure can lead to whole host of problems.

3.  Simply Finish! Have you ever decided to stop smoking, join a gym, run a marathon, or read the entire Bible cover to cover? So many of us are guilty of starting but never finishing.  Stop jumping from one thing to another leaving a line of unfinished goals and projects behind you.  The sense of accomplishment and the success you receive from actually finishing teaches you the value of seeing things through.  So set some goals, devise a good plan, and simply finish!!

I hope this helps someone on their fitness journey. You can so do this people! Much love and health

Fat leaves when the body is pleased!

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One of the biggest misconceptions about dieting is I can lose fat and have the body I want by simply starving myself.  And you will become “skinny” by drastically lowering your daily caloric intake.  The problem lies in the basic number of calories your body needs to function.  In general for women this is between 1100-1200 calories per day and men 1500-1600.  This depends on the type of work you do, how active you are, and body composition.

The question I have for you is this really the type of body and quality of life you want for the long haul.  By feeding your body a balanced diet filled with vitamins and nutrients needed for all systems to function effectively, you can rid it of the unwanted fat.  It makes total sense when you think about giving it what it needs to operate a maximum capacity and it will have little need to store additional fat for reserve.  Also feeling invigorated, energized, and alive is how I want to feel on a daily basis and I would want the same for you.

So I think the least we could all do would be to spend a little time and effort getting our diets right.  Looking our best is a great benefit, but feeling our best is priceless!!!!

5 No No’s if you want to get in the best shape of your life

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  1. Don’t try to change everything at once! So important with either diet or exercise, not to make to take steps that are too drastic.  If your workouts are too challenging, you can hurt yourself pretty easily.   The best way is to start slowly and speak to a professional to help design a workout plan that is right for you.  The same rule applies to your diet, start simple like cutting out the soda and replacing it with water for a week.  Then the next week, no candy and the next replace white bread with whole wheat etc.….  After a year, your diet will be healthy and you won’t feel deprived.
  2. Don’t expect to see changes overnight! The idea is to truly change your lifestyle.  Popping pills, lipo, or fad diets are not going to help you develop the discipline and habits needed to lead a healthy life.   Incremental goal setting and reaching those goals is the right approach.  Depending on how much weight you have to lose, you need to set long-term goals like 1 year or even 2 years.  Changing a lifestyle doesn’t happen quickly!!
  3. Don’t follow the exact same workout regimen and expect to get continued results!  The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results.   This totally applies to exercise and is called muscle memory.   Doing a similar workout, the same length of time, and with the same intensity level will eventually plateau your efforts.   If you need ideas, pick up a new workout DVD, grab a book, or talk to a trainer and get some help making it more challenging or mixing it up .
  4. Don’t just do cardio and expect to see the changes you are looking for in your body!  In my experience, women especially think they can run a million miles and that is all it takes to get in shape.  First of all cardiovascular fitness it only one component of fitness, strength and flexibility are equally important components.  Also, once you have low amounts of fat, your body starts to pull from muscle when doing cardio.  This, in turn, gives a lovely bag of bones appearance and no muscle tone and many times still a layer of belly fat depending on genetics.  Resistance or strength training equals Michelle Obama arms, sexy abs, nice booty and toned legs.  So, which look are you going for?!
  5. Don’t hit short term goals without rewarding yourself!  Since a fitter, healthier you is a process and takes time, it’s important to give yourself a small reward each time you achieve a small victory.  Nothing food related is important, maybe go see a movie, get the new book, or a new pair of earrings.  Give yourself a pat on the back when you have worked hard for it!!

Progress begins where excuses end!

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I happened to catch an episode of Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition last night. Participants are morbidly obese and their weight loss journey is chronicled for 12 months.  It’s amazing how much weight these people are losing in a year, but their complete attitude shifts is what struck me.   The guy on last nights show was a former football player who weighed in at an unbelievable 651 lbs! He lost over 250 lbs in that year, but something he said was a great lesson for most of us in life.  When he began to focus and successfully lose weight and reach his goals without the help of the trainer, he made the comment that after he stopped making  excuses was when things really started to change.  I know for me personally I have struggled with this in areas of my own life.  When you, first of all, start with a specific goal and make a sound plan to acheive that goal, nothing and I mean nothing should keep you from attaining it! Unless you let the excuses start to take over…. maybe when I have more money, or when my children are older, or when I pay my student loans off, or when I’m in better shape, or blah blah blah.  Once you have been given a vision and created a well thought out plan, it’s as easy as this…….JUST GO DO IT!!!!!!!