My name is Dee Whittington, owner of The Deetrain Personal Training, and I love changing people’s lives through fitness.  Through cutting edge, effective physical training techniques, results are GUARANTEED! That’s right, I guarantee results to my clients who follow the program that is designed to reach their personal goals.  The style of training is Fuctional which simply  means to adapt or develop exercises which allow individuals to perform the activities of daily life more easily and without injuries.  It is an extremely core-intensive, low impact form of training.  We are all bombarded with the latest and greatest in exercise through magazines, DVDs, and infomercials.   But in short, most will never reach their potential without a professional to design the proper plan, motivate them in the process, and hold them accountable on the journey.  The Deetrain is here to offer such a service, so you can finally have the body  and the quality of life you have always wanted!!  Let’s take the first step in this journey today by contacting me @ 919.696.9786 and setting up your FREE intro sesssion.  You can experience first hand the personal training that actually works!!!

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