Sample Meal Plan

Below is general guidelines for how you should be eating, complete with recipes….


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

 – 1 cup of oatmeal (plain) w/ 1 tsp of honey, ¼ cup of  sunflower seeds & ½ cup of blueberries/dried cranberries or bananas

– 1 cup of greentea


 – 2 rice cakes(plain)topped with 1tbsp ea. of all natural/no sugar added peanut butter, top with 1 sliced banana



 -1 whole egg and -2 egg whites-1 cup of nonfat

  plain yogurt  

 mixed with ½ cup of blueberries

-1 cup of black




 -1 cup of puffed  whole grain


-½ cup of nonfat

  vanilla soymilk

-½ cup of






 -1 cup of oatmeal with 2 tsp of peanut butter and 1 banana sliced1 cup of nonfat soy milk



 Salmon Salad:– 4 oz of grilled or baked salmon

– 1 cup of mixed greens

– ½ tomato chopped

– ¼ onion chopped

– ¼ cup of almond slivers

– 2 tbsp of olive oil

1tbsp of balsamic vinegar



 Black Bean Burrito:– ½ cup of black


– 1 whole wheat


– 1/8 onion chopped

– ¼  tomato chopped


– 1 tbsp of plain

   nonfat yogurt

– 1 serving of veggie


– Combine & fill



 -1 cup of baby  spinach

-5 oz of grilled or

 baked chicken


-1 cup of


-¼ cup of almond slivers

-Top with veggie cheese

-2 tbsp olive oil

-1 tbsp of rasp. vinegarette


 -¼ cup of northern beans-¼ cup of light kidney beans

-¼ cup of black beans

-Mix and heat

-½ cup of brown rice

-Top rice with beans and add 1 tbsp of nonfat plain yogurt



 Chix Burrito:-4 oz sliced grilled chicken

-1 whole wheat tortilla

-½ avocado mashed

-Mixed with ¼ tomato diced and ¼ onion diced


-½ cup of brown rice on the side



 – ¼ cup of sunflower seeds– 5 cherries


 – 1 small orange – 8 raw almonds


 Banana Smoothie:

-1 cup of ice

-½ cup of vanilla

 nonfat soymilk

-1 banana

-8 oz of water



 -Rice cake(plain) topped with

 yogurt and ½

 cup of




 -1 celery stalk cut into 3 pieces topped with 1 tbsp of hummus each 


 – 4 oz of lean beef– ½ cup of brown rice

– 1 cup of steamed broccoli, drizzle with olive oil & top with veggie cheese



 – 5 oz of Tilapia– 1 cup steamed


– 1 cup of cauliflower puree

(steam cauliflower and drain, add 1 oz of can’t believe its not butter and 1 oz of plain yogurt and blend or puree




– 2 tbsp of all

  natural no sugar

  added Peanut


-1 tbsp no sugar added preserves(strawberry, apricot, ect)

-2 slices of whole

 wheat bread

-1 cup of plain

 almond milk



4 oz of grilled salmon-1 small baked red potato brushed with olive oil and garlic

-8 steamed baby carrots



-4 large grilled shrimp-½ cup of whole wheat couscous

-½ avocado sliced

-1 tbsp of plain nonfat yogurt

-1 cup of green tea


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  1. Just checked out the sample meal plan. Seems do-able!

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