Here’s “The Skinny” with The DeeTrain Personal Training Services

The last 90 days have been crazy to say the least.  I am excited to say my business has moved to the next level!! After searching for nearly 14 months, God blessed me with the perfect studio space.  Finding a commercial space with little renovation costs and a shower was a challenge even with so much market  availability.  But I couldn’t have even dreamed up a more perfect space with a beautiful tile shower and no upfit required.  Learning to trust His timing was a lesson that was relearned during this time of failed attempts to secure a space.  I just had to smile when I felt God saying “I told you so”when I realized that 10 mats that  would cost me about $50 each were provided, as well as, several other pieces of equipment.  On top of all that, the first 2 weeks after I opened I had acquired 6 new clients! God has got it, if we just let Him have it!!(so hard to do for some reason)

Another great addition was the exclusive contract to train and teach classes at South Front Apartment Community.  All of this happening in the same few weeks. Currently I am working on a DVD series, as well as, some other projects.  Can’t wait to see what the future holds for The DeeTrain:)! God Bless!!

~ by Dee Whittington on June 29, 2012.

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