Why are you failing at your current workout routine??

Let me just start out be saying that motivation must come internally, not by just altering the way you eat and exercise.  Those who are internally motivated exercise because of interest, enjoyment, and challenge.  Being externally motivated would  be just improving physical appearance.  Studies have shown that those of us who have internal versus external have a much higher success rate and have individual emotional satisfaction.  So my question would be what motivates you and how do you shift to internal?

Three tips I can offer to make that shift:

1. Ask the right person the right questions! Okay so we have all heard how can you sell me a Ford if you drive a Chevy.  This is so applicable to fitness coaches, personal trainers, nutritionists, etc. in that how can you sell me on getting fit/healthy when you’re(to put it bluntly) fat?!  Would you ask Oprah or the guy working the check out line at Harris Teeter how to create wealth? The same principle applies here, if you see someone living the healthy lifestyle with the body you desire….ask that person how they did it.

2. Make the right choice over the wrong choice! Life is about choices and consequences of those choices.  We must prioritize, weigh the consequences, and choose the right over wrong.  Choices should not be made based on what’s convenient, easy, or comfortable but by what’s right.  It is called self-discipline and it’s at the core of a healthy lifestyle.  One of my favorite business philosophers, Jim Rohn, use to say” discipline weighs ounces, but regret weighs tons.”  The short-term pain or discipline will set you up for a lifetime of success, but on the flip side  short-term pleasure can lead to whole host of problems.

3.  Simply Finish! Have you ever decided to stop smoking, join a gym, run a marathon, or read the entire Bible cover to cover? So many of us are guilty of starting but never finishing.  Stop jumping from one thing to another leaving a line of unfinished goals and projects behind you.  The sense of accomplishment and the success you receive from actually finishing teaches you the value of seeing things through.  So set some goals, devise a good plan, and simply finish!!

I hope this helps someone on their fitness journey. You can so do this people! Much love and health

~ by Dee Whittington on January 16, 2012.

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